September 2019

On 6th September, 2019, Eagle's Nest was caught up in the bushfires. We lost our large garage & all its contents, 3 out of 4 water tanks, all the infrastructure (waste water & septic systems), & 90% of the property was burnt, resulting in a loss of at least 50% of trees. Though, we consider ourselves very fortunate - our home was saved. We truly believe we were looked after that night. There was no-one here to save the home as there is only one way in & out, & neither did we expect or want anyone to place their life in danger. Indeed it was a miracle.

Amongst the many items stored in the garage, was a Christmas angel decoration we had purchased. Unbelievably, the angel was found in the ruins of the fire, minus part of her skirt. A sign of resilience.

Towards the end of February, 2020, Eagle's Nest reopened for accommodation stays. Whilst the home is fully functional, there is still much to be done on the property. Bear with us as we continue to rebuild.

Our heartfelt thanks to the First responders who did what they could & to the many people who kept us in the loop that night. We share with you some photos of the aftermath of the bushfire.